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One of the most outstanding things that it software package provides you with is the get rid of switch. By using a VPN will give you complete anonymity on the internet mainly because you use a different IP address than everyone else, but since you use open public networks just like the web, you may become without difficulty identified if someone does a search on a fashionable site that you’re on, just like Google, or Yahoo. Simply using a VPN, however , you are able to avoid these sites and go directly to the websites you would like to visit. Beyond just the kill switch, the company that created this phenomenal product also included an advanced filtering system, something which you will not get in any different free VPN program. The moment combined with a high-speed internet connection, this will make for a terrific browsing encounter and allows you to surf the net without having to worry about staying tracked or perhaps harassed by anyone.

Possibly the best features that this amazing application has is the fact that that you can create as many relationships as you desire with this. You not have to worry about getting a certificate for the reason that company that developed this product provides a completely no cost vpn provider. As long as you own an internet connection, you can begin connecting numerous different people as you may want and each of them will have their own IP address. You can use vpns to keep in touch with your friends although surfing the web or even with respect to downloading important files right from websites. If you love staying shielded on the net, then I would suggest that you down load the absolutely free version of the AnchorFree vpns and start relishing all the wonderful features it has.