These spaces are total blank slates with characteristics like exposed brick, peeling paint, visible pipes, and cement floors. Pair a raw framework with modern wedding décor and you’ve got a striking event space that’s both gritty and glamorous. Picture a fairytale castle, and Castell Coch, hidden in beautiful woodlands, is it.

  • From trendy Cardiff restaurants to breath-taking gardens and historic gems, Wales is packed with unique wedding venues that quirky couples will love.
  • So they give up and take on a bland, all-encompassing name like ‘The Wedding Venue’ or ‘Events 4 U’ which doesn’t resonate with the target audience that well.
  • Once the home of yachting entrepreneur Sir Max Aitken, and now a museum showing a collection of his memorabilia, you can now tie the knot with an intimate celebration at this very house.
  • Getting married on an island in the middle of the River Thames may sound like a fantasy but it is actually a reality.
  • You’ll also be quite surrounded by nature and elements fostering intimacy.
  • These sportier venues are a great option if you’re looking to have a more wholesome, family-friendly celebration.

Sitting near Regent’s Park, this Grade II-listed building has the Kennedy room – a characterful wood panelled space with beautiful decor (but it’s also a little quirky!). Choose from three magical chambers of beautiful rock formations with stunning lighting in which to get wed.

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This isolated paradise has everything a loved-up couple could want for their big day, and the eye-watering vistas don’t stop at the water’s edge either. Once you’re back on dry land, the vivid green parkland stretches out as far as the eye can see. So after your picturesque wedding reception buffet or BBQ, feel free to take a wander back over the bridge and see what delights Waterton Park’s outer reaches have to offer. What’s so special about Waterton Park Hotel, we hear you ask? Oh not much, it’s only an enormous Georgian island mansion surrounded by a 26-acre lake, accessible by a picture-perfect iron footbridge. In all seriousness, Waterton Park Hotel is one of the North’s coolest and most unusual wedding venues, voted ‘Yorkshire’s Most Romantic’ by the English Wedding Awards. When planning a wedding, start early, and remember to watch out for unexpected wedding costs.

For example, 101 questions to ask your venue, ideas for non-traditional wedding places, and some great free printable material. I am definitely pinning this to my Pinterest and will be bookmarking the website to use as a reference. Thank you for all of the work that you have put into this website. Any brides for that matter, from very wealthy brides to brides who are on a budget or the bride who has no idea what she’s doing. Thank you for all your hard work it is much appreciated. Police Station.While you aren’t likely to find rental space at working police stations, former police stations may be an option. These buildings can be unique as non-traditional wedding venues.

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Also do check out Hampton Manor situated in the heart of England. Not only are the interiors off the hook; their menus are inspired by Michelin-starred, four AA-rosette Peel’s. For something a little more rustic but no less stunning, farmhouses and barns make beautiful venues. They are the perfect middle ground between being enough of a blank canvas that you can put your own mark on them, whilst still retaining their original charm. And if the beautiful dashed stone walls, acres of surrounding countryside and rural quirks won’t sway you, their focus on homegrown fun will. Upton Barn is filled with the work and restoration of local craftspeople, and H-Coo Events @ the Grange also offer a family run B&B on site. But if you want your wedding to be truly unique, you may be considering a venue that will really set your celebration apart.

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Bedrooms are also available, should you be making a weekend of it. Smiths Penthouse Balcony – Luxurious surroundings overlooking the Scottish countryside. If you’re planning to have a wedding cocktail before the actual reception, we can help you with that, as well. Here’s a collection of our favorite wedding cocktail hour gamesfor you to keep everyone busy and cheerful. Organizing a bonfire in the evening doesn’t work for any type of wedding or location but if it does, it’s such a wonderful idea! Having people around the fire is just the right way to end a very exciting day!

Experience panoramic, magical views of the city 135 metres off the ground in a private glass capsule that can accommodate up to 16 people. The Barbican Center is one of the most unique and unusual venues in London! There’s nothing like an indoor rainforest to make your day memorable. If upcycled ship containers are not your thing, how about just getting married on a ship? Think romantic Titanic atmosphere meets opulent copper décor. Your guests will definitely be diving into a wedding that is different. Thinking of having your wedding in an upcycled ship container?

Your wedding photos will pop with plenty of florals adding color and beauty to your big day. A wedding arch makes a lovely focal point to draw attention to the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. For an outdoor wedding, consider natural materials like wood, vines, or even tree branches. If you love the beach, why not opt for a beach wedding? A wedding on the beach offers guests plenty of space to spread out, plus you have the ocean as a lovely backdropfor your nuptials. Botanical gardens have all the decor you’ll need for your wedding waiting for you! Consider getting married at a local botanical garden for a unique and beautifully floral venue.

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It’s a dramatic space with five different areas licensed for ceremonies, including the pools and the Turkish Rest Room with its Angel Of Purity window. Owned by an interior designer husband and wife, The Highfield House is striking from the outside, vibrant on the inside. You’ll hardly need any decorations as the house itself bursts with character and jewel colours, and comes with fun additions like lawn games, picnic and dressing-up boxes, and play tents. The selection of spaces you’ll have access to is abundant, including the Grand Hall, Library Bar, outdoor terraces and an opulent bridal suite. Right in the heart of Hull is this fantastic aquarium which is the perfect choice for any ocean lover.

Their big secret is the grass-roofed Hobbit house that acts as the bridal suite – North Yorkshire becomes Middle Earth. The Grade II listed building is surrounded by gleaming steel, burnished teak and the leafy Yorkshire scenery. Demand has been steadily growing thanks to word of mouth from this unusual but captivating setting. After your vows, enjoy drinks on the terrace and pictures on the footplate, before being whisked away on a private steam train to Grosmont. Afternoon tea and refreshments will be served onboard, so help yourself to a finger sandwich or freshly baked fruit scone as the panoramic vistas whisk past outside. Denton Hall only does one wedding a week, so it’s all yours. From 4pm Friday to noon on the Sunday, you have full rein of the Hall, the grounds and 24 luxury bedrooms.

To help you out, we have put together a long list of funny wedding venue name ideas that are sure to spark some creativity. After all, it’s your wedding venue brand that will receive all the praise and attention whenever the big day arrives, so it needs to be perfect. Meaningful yet memorable, a great place-name is what makes the difference between merely ‘decent’ venues and unforgettable experiences to treasure for life. Planning to open a wedding venue business, but having difficulty thinking of a catchy name? Many people feel stumped over naming their businesses.

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Try gathering small bouquets of your favourite flowers into clear glass bottles or jars and display them in sets of 3. These clear glass bottles sit perfectly in an iron holder, each filled with white and yellow flowers and spray roses. You could also try placing tealights in each jar, or even little bunches of fragrant herbs and wildflowers.

  • This is such an environmentally friendly idea as the flowers won’t be thrown away after the big day.
  • Write a thankyou message inside the cover of each and your guests will be sure to treasure them always.
  • To add a rustic touch drawn from nature to your reception tables, make these verdant centerpieces using real succulents.
  • Learn how to set priorities and believe that “less is more” ideas.

There’s nothing like sourcing your wedding décor from a grocery store or farmers market. Herbs are not only aromatic and fresh but also provide an organic aesthetic to any celebration. Use a sprig or two to accent a table setting, garnish the drinks, or display them in potted form throughout the venue. We love the idea of sticking to herbs that are featured in the menu’s offerings for a sense of culinary foreshadowing. Freshen up those carefully-cultivated crown-weaving skills from your youth and plait a few floral crowns for your bridal party or tiny attendants.

This pochette wraps your invitation into cute and a small sassy package, looking so retro. A good detail is a mystery inside because each guest will have to unwrap this packaging to read the lines you have written.

To make this nautical table, click on this and follow the steps. This DIY project lets you make a fabulous card holder even with a small budget. If you don’t, you can get them easily almost anywhere online, for a very low price. See the full path of making these cute card holders by clicking this link. If you are like golden and classy details, this idea is for you.

Do you prefer using rustic ornaments that make you feel closer to nature? Then this might be a super idea that you can use as well for your own wedding! Place flowers in ordinary vases, tie a string around them and hang them on tree branches. These simple ornaments will paint a picturesque setting at your wedding. If you want to make your wedding decor yourself, then this is a great and simple idea for you to follow.

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It will give you and your spouse a lifetime of surprising adventures to share. Whether your venue is indoors or outdoors, the lighting will set the mood of your wedding throughout the day and night!

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The theme of the wedding, color palette, and overall style of the wedding should influence the centerpieces you’ll make. Have in mind that there is no need to go with too complicated stuff – simplicity is often better. Here’re some cheap DIY centerpieces ideas that look amazing, and you’ll make them quickly. The kind of ceremony is one more thing which can significantly help you determine the motif of your wedding. Traditional weddings are best if decorated in the classical spirit. Though they provide beautiful and straightforward elegant touch, that doesn’t mean you should give up on personal details.

This centrepiece would work particularly well at a rustic wedding. Use this party staple to create the wow factor at your wedding on a budget. All you need is a lot of colourful balloons and puff (you’ll want to use an inflator for this!). Turn egg shells into tiny bud vases by emptying out the eggs and then filling with flower heads and greenery. If you’re looking for gorgeous wedding centrepieces on a budget you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down for our pick of the best affordable wedding centerpieces that look much more expensive than they are. Why not create a DIY wedding centrepiece using colourful fruits.

Choose natural flower colours like pink and yellow to make them look real rather than too faux. Who would have thought the humble egg and egg box could be turned into something so pretty. This rustic DIY project is so affordable, but looks amazing and your guests will be very impressed at your creative skills and imagination. Collect retro looking tins from antique shops or flea markets and then gather some wild flowers the day before your wedding to pop inside. The contrast of the cool tin design with the pretty florals is always a winner.

Consider a fun backdrop display like this one which frames a unique scene amid two doors painted to appear aged. This simplistic yet stunning arch design requires a gorgeous flower arrangement and three long planks of wood. Choose to display your flowers along the top of the rectangular arch or even drape two matching arrangements along both wooden pillars to create the perfect frame. I did all my florals for my wedding day including installations, centerpieces, but of course, I had a few helping hands, but I created all the bridesmaids’ bouquets, along with my own. This was just something I learned through friends, Pinterest, practice.Our guests take home gifts were tiny llama keychains, that were a little representation of my husband and I. Once the sun goes down, use LED candles, which you can find here, inside to create the most magical glow within the lanterns.

These fun clothespins can then be used creatively to hold up seating charts, place cards, photos, and more. Add as many sides as you’d like to your lovely DIY arch creation. All this hexagonal arch requires is connecting together six long, equal slabs of wood. Triangles, pentagons, octagons, and circles are also shapes to consider for a unique arch design.

So, create something thats totally unique to you and your guests. From glitter invites, to wax sealed card stock invites, ribbon tied invites, and so much more. Perfect for a spring wedding, these oversized DIY flowers will provide the perfect backdrop for photo ops. In lieu of flowers, have your groomsmen don these playful pinwheel boutonnieres to add a layer of whimsy to the ceremony. Try including this unique touch in their groomsman proposal present. Make each dining table unique with an eclectic collection of assorted knick-knacks.

Bride Tabitha got craft crazy when she made over 1,000 brightly coloured pinwheels for her marquee reception. They add a real pop of colour to the venue, but if you want a softer, more subtle look, try pastel shaded pom poms. Grooms, groomsmen, and bridesmen could all use a floral touch at a nature-inspired wedding.

There are so many ways to recycle jars so start collecting right now! Tie ribbons around them, paint them, dip them in glitter or wrap them in pretty papers or fabrics. Then simply fill them with flowers or tea lights and dot them around the venue. Set up an area at your reception with pens and notecards, alongside a chalkboard or sign that explains the ‘bucket list’ concept. (They need to be done just before the big day—and unless you’re a pro, creating complicated centerpieces can be a nightmare.) But we’ve found a trick that makes arranging them a snap. Often used in ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, floral frogs are slotted structures that sit in the bottom of a vase to hold buds.