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Magnificents Financial Services


  • Register Your Business as a Legal Entity
  • Secure Your Federal EIN (Employee Identification Number)
  • Register Your Entity as a:
  • DBA (Assumed Name in Your County of Residence)
  • File Your LLC, LLP or Corp within the State that you Reside
  • Register Your Business with Duns & Bradstreet
  • Educate on how to build Business Credit in as Little as 30 days
  • IRS Certified Electronic Remittance Officer (ERO)
  • In-depth knowledge of applicable tax laws, regulations and deadlines
  • Proficient with the tax return submission and confirmation process, including how to navigate the IRS and other government entity online platforms
  • Excellent customer service skills, including patience and flexibility
  • Great organizational skills, including time management and strategic thinking
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Evaluate your credit profile
  • Offer an in-depth consultation
  • Prepare a customized package that would fit your credit needs
  • Offer educational tools of increasing your score without sacrificing your day to day living



Magnificent financial services is the place to call.. great services and great results… been with this company for about 4 or 5 months and my score has went up tremendously… first 30 days I saw progress which showed me Mrs Felicia was all about her business… always available and willing to help with anything I needed… highly recommend

Tamara K.


I  just want to  say that Magnificent$ Financial is the I’ve  seen a huge change in my credit score within months. She is awesome and I  recommend that you guys consult with her for your credit needs. Home  ownership here I come!!!! Thanks,



          I didn’t believe all the hype about credit repair. I took a chance and this lady was absolutely awesome. She is pretty good with this