About Us

As Houston’s preferred Credit Repair Consultant, my primary goal is to assist clients in navigating their path to financial freedom while living a comfortable life without extreme sacrifice. I learned at an early age the Art of Money and how it pertains to life and poverty. I have always felt a sense of Empowerment when dealing with the full scope of the cash flow cycle and how it applies to lifestyles. My business is two-fold. I can help you achieve an 850 credit score, but if you have poor money management skills, I can show you how to live debt-free with a zero based budget.

My mission is to increase awareness and application of financial literacy, credit maximization and personal finances as a whole. I take a unique approach to helping you restore your Credit Buying Power. Credit is Power and often times, money simply costs too much. I want to partner with individuals whose desire is to change their life goals by building wealth and maximizing their bank accounts with the proper protocols. Armed with a plethora of knowledge on finance laws, consumer rights, statutes of limitations, and the FICO (Fair Isaacs Corporation) scoring module, as well as debt settlement; my goal is to help others become financially independent.